Vision for Youth Group: Reaching the Youth together and make them disciples of Christ that go and reach and disciple their world.

How are we going to accomplish this?

  1. Holy Spirit filled, Christ centered, Biblically accurate Sunday service

  2. Small groups & social gatherings to experience and practice real community

  3. Serving opportunities (children’s ministry, praise team, hospitality, SG leading, etc..)

  4. Outreach (local and international) opportunities

  5. Joint worship/conferences with other churches


Order for Sunday Worship

  1. Praise and message

  2. After message prayed for by the congregation (Group Prayer Time! After )

  3. Students commissioned off to youth Small group (45min)

  4. Parents are encouraged to fellowship and pray for their students while they are in their SG


Focus for Youth Small Group

  1. Discipleship: Youth Small group is not centered upon the sermon!! It’s centered upon the Word of God, the Passage at hand, and if the students come to a different conclusion than what was preached so be it! We always want our Small groups to focus on what the Word of God says, not only what Pastor or speaker says

  2. Social Space: A safe and inviting place for youth to meet new people, make new friends, have fun and grow in their faith. This happens in Small group, but also as we create other times for the youth to hang out.


Sample Order for Small Group (45min, 12:50pm-1:35pm but flexible)

  1. Icebreaker 5min

  2. Prayer requests - all together or in groups of 3’s (5 min)

  3. Ask opening question concerning the topic of the day (3-5min)

  4. Read and meditate on the Bible passage (2 min)

  5. Share and discuss the questions (23 minutes)

  6. Application: What is God asking you to do (be), what is the next step, how can we help you? (5min)

  7. Closing prayer (1-2 minutes)



1. Requirements:

  • Born again Christian for more than 1 year
  • Member of Joy Church for 1 year

  • Fill out Application Form

  • Will be interviewed by Elder and Pastor

  • Upon approval, there will be a 1 1/2 month co-leading observation with current YSG leader. 

  • Attend Sunday service (not just serve in youth group)

  • Attend weekly Youth Small Group leaders meeting with Elder and Youth Coordinator

  • Commit to one school year of serving and can continue with vote of confidence


2. Expectations:

  • Have your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Pray for your students everyday
  • Prepare and meditate on the week’s lesson (1 hour)
  • Contact/email students once a week
  • Commit to serving students on Sunday 
  • Be on time to weekly meeting 30 minutes before service.


4. What is a Win for your Small Group?

  • Everyone prays for each other
  • The Bible material is shared and students know what they are to apply (if they do it or not is up to them, but you can alway sincerely encourage and challenge them)
  • BONUS: Raise up a student leader