The ultimate authority for JOY’s organization, governance, and operation is the Bible. JOY implements biblical principles and practices to provide general guidance on the organization, governance, and operation of the church and to ensure that a healthy implementation of servant leadership is carried out.


JOY is led by the Council of Elders, of which elders are elected by the congregation in accordance with the bylaws which govern JOY. Elders are called to skillfully and lovingly lead the church; provide Biblical teaching; care for the church in the form of love, prayer, ministry, and adept church management; and protect the church from harmful influences and beliefs. As a group, they represent the best interests of the church.


2018 Elder Nomination Process

Learn more about this year's Elder Nomination Process.


The Diaconate was established in 2016 to relieve and assist the Council of Elders in meeting ministry and administrative needs of the church. 

Email: (Englewood)

Stewardship Oversight Committee

The Stewardship Oversight Committee assists the Council of Elders in overseeing legal and financial matters pertaining to the church.