JOY is first and foremost the family of God. It's because of all the sacrifice and energy that our members put in that make our community such a wonderful body of Christ. If you are a member and wondering how you can serve, take a look at all the opportunities. Even if you may be a novice, we would love to walk alongside and help you grow!

For more information about our ministries or to contact any of our ministry leaders, email:

To use food to create an environment where fellowship can occur more effectively
9:30AM: Daniel J Lee  ||  11:45AM: Jae Kim & Steven Hsieh

To maintain safety, order, and efficiency by directing cars in the parking lot before service
9:30AM: Herman Poon  ||  11:45AM: Daniel Lee

To welcome guests and show God's love to everyone who walks into our Sunday services
9:30AM: Jeff Lee  ||  11:45AM: Jane Lee

Pre-Service Prayer
To invite God's presence into the sanctuary in our Sunday services
9:30AM: JOY Staff  ||  11:45AM: Chester Lee & Tim Park

Post-Service Prayer
To comfort and encourage people through prayer led by the Holy Spirit after Sunday services
9:30AM: JOY Staff  ||  11:45AM: Jason Hwang  

9:30AM & 11:45AM: Daniel Yoon  

To create an engaging Sunday worship experience within a distraction-free environment
9:30AM & 11:45AM: Mitch Kim

Intercessory Prayer
To pray over requests that are shared with the leadership or submitted to the ministry
Soo Bae Suh & Kee Young Lim

Children's Ministry
To raise up the next generation of worshipers and lovers of God
Elyse Yu

Youth Ministry
JC Park

Nursing Home
Mikyong Cho

Impact ESL
Sudee Hsieh