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Issue 19: Treasures in Jars of Clay

White Christmas!



Happy 2018! We hope and pray this year will be filled with much love, joy and testimonies of God's goodness and faithfulness in your lives. 

As some of you may know, we were in the US from late December to late January. Sohee's grandmother fell critically ill and Sohee first returned to the US to be with her grandmother and Ki Wook joined her a few days later after wrapping things up in South Africa. Sohee's grandmother passed away a few days after we arrived in the US and we are thankful for the time we were able to spend with her. Sohee's grandmother was a spiritual rock and prayer warrior for the family. She honestly prayed for our family every day, morning and night. Although we miss her, we celebrate her returning home to our Father. Thank you for your prayers and support. Also while in theUS, we were able to give missions report Springfield First Korean Church, share a short testimony at Joy Manhattan, and share a message at Boston KCCC prayer night.

Ki Wook's father visited us from Korea for two weeks in February. This was his second visit to South Africa and it was great being able to spend time together. 

Sharing a short message with college students at Boston KCCC prayer meeting.

Sharing a short message with college students at Boston KCCC prayer meeting.


Last September, we launched our first Azaria skills training with five ladies from vulnerable backgrounds. It has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. But we thank God for His goodness and faithfulness through it all. We also thank God for the privilege of walking with them and seeing them grow in dignity, confidence, and ability. In our daily bible studies, we see them grow in their understanding of who God is, and who they are in light of Him. They confess they cannot do or change anything on their own- they need Him.

Drug addiction has been a huge challenge for the ladies throughout the training. It affects their health, mental alertness, emotional stability, and quality of work and life. Three of the four ladies who use drugs regularly have agreed to rehab and we're in the process of working with local social workers to match them with an appropriate place. The fourth person is HIV positive and recently restarted her antiretroviral therapy. 

Next week will be the official end of the 6 month training and we will celebrate with them their growth and transformation. However, this doesn't mean our journey with them is over- we will continue to walk with them to see them through the preparation for rehab, and the follow up afterwards. 

Basic baking training with Azaria ladies.

Basic baking training with Azaria ladies.


Conville is a neighborhood in George that is known for its high level of crime and poverty. Often, there are news reports of drug busts, robberies, rapes and murders. And of the "ladies of the night" we meet on outreaches, about 90% of them are from Conville. 4 out of the 5 ladies who are currently training with Azaria, the skills training ministry for vulnerable women, live in Conville. The longer we walk with these ladies in their journeys towards freedom (economically, emotionally, and spiritually), the more we see the need for the whole community to be impacted and transformed. Broken families, fatherlessness, drug addiction and abuse, poverty, and unemployment combine to create a toxic mix. Sometimes, we get caught up in the sense of hopelessness because all that we do feels like drops in the ocean. But we know and trust that with God, all things are possible. 

Community transformation is close to our hearts. But we know all our efforts are nothing without prayer. There is a spiritual bondage over this community that needs to be broken, and new life that needs to be released over them. We invite you to pray with us for Conville, to see transformations at the individual, family and community level. We want to prayer bomb Conville to break spiritual strongholds and claim this neighborhood for the Kingdom of God. Will you join us? 

Ladies at Azaria, who are mostly from Conville.

Ladies at Azaria, who are mostly from Conville.


One of our values as an organization is to reach out to the unreached people groups wherever we are. As one of the larger towns along the western coast of South Africa, George is large enough to attracts various people groups, but small enough that minority groups haven't yet established strong, isolated communities. So far, we have met Somalis, Congolese, Pakistanis, Bengalis and Chinese in town.

Many Chinese own small businesses such as discount dollar stores, corner convenience stores, and restaurants. And we are expecting more and more Chinese to move into this area as China is sending its pilots for training at an airport in George and there is a growing interest in business opportunities from China. 

We were recently connected with a network of missionaries and Chinese Christians who have a shared vision and heart to reach out to the Chinese in Southern Africa. We are in the beginning stages of working with them and building relationships with the Chinese in George. Please join us in prayer for this new opportunity!



Below is a short video highlighting various things we are thankful for in 2017 as Ethnos Movement International.



  1. Wisdom, strength, creativity- We thank God for growth in our ministries. Please pray for wisdom in every decision we make. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength and encouragement. Please pray for creativity as we are looking into different ways to impact the communities and people around us.
  2. Conville- Please pray for true transformation at the individual, family and community level in Conville. We trust God for breakthroughs. 
  3. Ki Wook's US green card renewal- When we got married, Ki Wook was granted a two year conditional permanent residency based on marriage. Last year we submitted an application to renew the permanent residency and US Immigration has asked us to provide more evidence to prove the legitimacy of marriage. Please pray that this renewal process would go smoothly and that the evidence we submit will be accepted without any issue.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and supporting us through intercession. 




Last year, while in Preotria, we were involved in a church plant at Rosslyn-Soshanguve area. Over January, our team was able to build a more formal building for church service.




With a love offering from an outreach team last year, we were able to purchase a large tent for our rural ministry based in Loding.




We are busy renovating a cafe in George where we are planning on using it as a place of income generating ministry through a cafe and a Christian bookstore.


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