JOY is committed to serving people in need and sharing God's love beyond the walls of our church and in the community. We welcome you to explore our current local serving opportunities. Whether you want more information, want to serve, or have a heart for a new outreach, let us know!

community outreach services

Every THIRD Saturday from 1:30-3pm, JOY members and families can participate in a Food Pantry program in Paterson.

good neighbor ministry (NURSING HOMES)

Ministry consists of volunteers who love on and share the word of God with seniors in nursing homes around Bergen County. Please see


Meets every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm in the Fellowship Hall. This ministry serves those in the community to learn conversational English and to share the love of Christ. Please see


The Paterson outreach location is currently being revamped. However, JOY members can still serve at Newark, South Bronx, and Harlem. Please see


This faith-based organization gives immigrant families the support they need to be strong, contributing members of society by offering weekly English, TASC, computer and children’s ministry classes. Please see