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Issue 23: Merry Christmas!

Ethnos team in George!


Merry Christmas! It's been two and a half years since we came to South Africa, but it's still strange for us to see Christmas decorations in summer! 

This year we will spend Christmas and New Year in Korea with Ki Wook's family. We are leaving South Africa on the 22nd and will be in Korea until January 9th. From there, we will fly to LA to visit a couple who runs a missions organization and has had a deep impact in Ki Wook's life. Then, we will be in the East Coast from January 13th to February 15th. Although we will be staying with Sohee's family in Massachusetts, we will be making frequent trips to NY/NJ and would love to see you who are in the area! 


As we reflect back on the year, we can't believe how fast the year went by. There were many victories and progresses in ministries - we were able to start a Christian cafe in the city center of George, sent some of the ladies that we worked with to a drug rehab, fulfilled increasing orders for Azaria sewing ministry, received various outreach teams, held Focus Africa missions conference, launched Ethnews, and completed the Alpha course with students at a local high school- just name a few. But there were also many challenges and disappointments - we had a break in at Azaria warehouse, some ladies relapsed after returning from rehab, the first employee at the cafe had to be let go because of unreliability, and many more. Through ups and downs, we are thankful that God invites us to be a part of what He is already doing.

One sentiment that we feel as we come to the end of the year is a sense that there is more to be done. And it is certainly true that there always is more we can do. But through this stirring, we find that God is teaching us to be faithful and be obedient in little things. So as we come to an end of 2018 and get ready for 2019, we are praying that we would indeed be faithful and obedient in the small things that God places in front of us. One of those little things that God has especially been laying on me (Ki Wook) is to be more intentional about engaging the unreached who are present in George. Ministries, administrative responsibilities for Ethnos or managing the cafe, fill my day and I often don't make time to personally engage with people, especially the unreached people. So as a family, we want to intentionally focus on personally engaging with the unreached. We don't know what this would look like exactly but we look forward to where God will be leading us in 2019.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you so much for partnering with us and being a part of our lives.



We are excited to announce the launch of ETHNEWS, EMI's quarterly newsletter. ETHNEWS was created to help facilitate communication and prayer. There are updates and prayer requests from many of our partners and ministries, as well as some information about EMI as an organization.

ETHNEWS was created by the prayer ministry, which is led by Sohee, and the communication/media team. We wanted a tool for ministries and supporters to regularly share testimonies and prayer requests from the field. We are hoping to expand and increase the variety of content as we grow- we hope you enjoy it! 

Click here to download the December issue of Ethnews!


  1. Travel and Reconnecting- Please pray for our time in Korea and America. We are traveling for reasons related to Ki Wook's US Permanent Residency, but we are looking forward to spending time with our family, friends and supporters.

  2. Building Capacity- As our ministries grow, we are in need of many more people to join our teams. We thank God for the growth and trust that He will send the right people to join us. We are also planning to run discipleship and missions training next year in George. If you know anyone who might be interested, please email us for more information.

  3. Surrendering to God- We spend a lot of time planning and executing plans and programs. We want to have control over our plans and we worry when things are out of our direct control. But we realize that we need to surrender all to God as He is the one who is ultimately in control. Please pray for us that each day, we will trust and surrender all to God.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and supporting us through intercession. 


Wildfires broke out on the mountains surrounding George in October. It was the worst fire George had seen in many years. On one day, the winds blew the fire towards the city and the fire department made the decision to evacuate the areas close to the mountain edge. When the fires were literally minutes away from breaching the city line, the wind direction suddenly changed! This was around 3pm and later we found out that at this very time, many people around the city came together, in unity, to pray for protection over the city. 

The Table, our ministry cafe, has been open since June and we are thankful that we have been able to employ two full time workers since October. With these ladies as a foundational part of our team at The Table, we are looking forward to growing the business to a place where it can help many more people. This picture was taken at one of the events that was hosted and catered by The Table. 

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