More than We Can Conceive!

Hello beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, 

I hope this week’s e-news finds you warm and safe in the midst of the wintry weather.

 Even though our Spring small groups have only just begun, my heart and mind are already being challenged and strengthened by the truths we are studying. Abram is over the age 80,  after decades of trying to have children with Sarai, yet remains childless. He stands outside his tent and looks up at the clear night sky and sees the vast array of billions of stars – and God says, “So shall your offspring be!” Wow! Think about that amazing promise. Our response rightfully would be: how can that be and why should that be? What has Abram done to merit such an unconceivable promise and blessing from his Creator? Not just one child, but as many as the stars he can count! Abram “sold” off his wife twice, slept with the maid, and then sent her and the child she bore him away without any support! That kind of man only deserves judgment. But thankfully for Abram, and for you and me that God is so abundantly merciful, gracious and patient! He amazingly calls faulty and broken ones into relationship and His purposes! If God doesn’t choose to use faulty people, He would have no one to work with.

We see the same with Saul of Tarsus, ravaging the church, throwing men and women in prison simply because they have different beliefs than himself. Yet Jesus on the road to Damascus meets Saul with such grace. Jesus causes Saul to see how blind he really is, and that persecuting the church is actually persecuting the LORD! What does Saul deserve – Judgement! But what does Jesus give him, relationship, calling and a purpose that is way beyond what he could conceive. Saul went from terrorizing to preaching the Gospel, leading, multiplying and discipling countless number of followers to Christ, not to mention writing 2/3 of the New Testament. 

It’s necessary that we understand then, that because God loves us, our life will not turn out the way we planned, because God has a much greater plan than we can ever conceive! May we not let our current circumstances like Abram, or a rebellious heart like Saul, be what fills our hearts. Rather, may we: even today, surrender and ask the LORD for His great will to be done!

Doug Park