Candidates for elder are nominated by the congregation and undergo a prayerful screening, interview, and approval process. The names of approved candidates are then presented to JOY members for a 30-day review period, giving them an opportunity to express any concerns directly to a candidate, utilizing the principles for conflict resolution that Jesus taught in Matthew 18:15. They must also share their concern to the Council of Elders for consideration. Prospective elders are then presented to members for congregation approval.

This year's nomination period for the role of JOY elder has now closed. Thank you to all those who participated!



Biblical Qualifications of Elders

Though no leader is perfect, he or she must be a committed follower of Christ who is seeking God’s best for the members of our church. Here are the character qualities of an Elder as defined by Scripture (1 Timothy 3:2-7Titus 1:6-9):

  • Above reproach – Lead by example and demonstrate godly character, no grounds for accusation
  • Husband of one wife – If married, devoted and faithful to spouse
  • Temperate – Self-controlled and free from excesses
  • Prudent – Wise, sober, sensible, good judgment
  • Respectable – Well thought of, trustworthy, of good standing
  • Hospitable – Unselfish with their personal resources
  • Able to teach – Able to communicate the truth of God, exhort
  • Not addicted to wine – Free from intoxication of alcohol and addictions
  • Not pugnacious –  Able to exercise self-control in difficult situations, not combative
  • Uncontentious – Seeks harmony, peaceful
  • Free from the love of money – Not idolizing money or preoccupied with materialistic desires
  • Manage own household – Well-ordered household and a healthy family life
  • Not new convert – Not a new believer but one whose life has been clearly transformed by God
  • Good reputation with outsiders – Well-respected by unbelievers, free from hypocrisy
  • Not self-willed – Not stubborn but selflessly open-minded
  • Not quick-tempered – Patient, not rush to action/judgement
  • Loves what is good – Desire the will of God
  • Just – Fair, impartial
  • Devout – Devoted followers of Christ, reverent
  • Holding fast the faithful Word – Obedient to the Word of God, continually seeking to be holy

Requirements for JOY Elder Nominees

  • Should be a Christian for at least seven years
  • Should be a JOY member for at least five years
  • Should be of minimum age 30
  • JOY staff (except for the Senior Pastor) and members of their household are ineligible
  • No more than one member of a family (as defined by degrees of separation) shall serve on the Council of Elders at any given time

If you have any questions regarding the process, email: