Where We’ve Been

In 2007, JOY initiated the Capital Stewardship Campaign, a 3-year spiritual journey for the church as it mobilized its members to commit to building God’s house through prayer, financial sacrifice, and celebration. Relaunched in 2010 as the Joy Home Campaign, many expressed doubts that we would find a permanent home as there were no new churches in the Bergen County area.

But after three years of prayer, fasting, and contemplation, God provided us with our own building and property in Englewood. Since we’ve moved in 2013, we have made significant renovations to our church. Much needed repairs and upgrades were performed to the current houses and the main sanctuary prior to moving in, and the main sanctuary kitchen and bathrooms have been renovated entirely as well.

In 2016, the JOY Building Committee began to address the needs of our church as it pertains to the physical building and property, and to determine how best JOY would be served in regards to renovations, maintenance, and capital improvements. Our most growing concern was the shortage in classroom space we were facing (and continue to face) for our expanding children's and youth ministries, as we will not be able to house our children within the existing layout of our buildings. We have maximized renovations on the current houses, and after exploring many different options of providing additional classroom space, it became apparent that the best route was to build a new Education Building adjacent to the main sanctuary to fulfill our space requirements.



Where We Are Now

We spent a fair amount of time during our initial phase of informational gathering (focus groups, needs assessment report(s), site inspections, and proposed renderings) with an architect who has extensive experience working with churches. As we move into our second phase of finalizing our site plans and working on construction with our attorney, engineer and town officials, the Building Committee decided it would be in the church's best interest (financially and logistically) to use a local architectural firm to carry out the construction.

Update as of January 2018:

  • Submission of the site plan/application for the planning board hearing at the end of February 2018

  • Consolidation of the four individual lots into one

  • Construction/architectural plans being planned and finalized for contractor bidding

  • Project is to break ground late Spring/early Summer 2018

  • Expected construction duration is 18 months

The Education Building's Missional Purpose

  1. A place where godly seeds are sown into the lives of the next generation

  2. Growth and safety of our children's and youth ministries

  3. Community outreach

  4. Continuing the education of our own godly servants and community leaders

How You Can Help


First and foremost, we ask that you support us in prayer during this process, that we would continually seek God's discernment and wisdom and that God's purpose through the new building will be fulfilled.


Due to modifications of the initial Education Building plan, we need to raise a total of $2.6 million for completion of the project. As of December 31, 2017, the cheerful givers of JOY have donated over $1.35 million, surpassing the 50% mark at the present time.

Should you have any questions or need any other information about this initiative, please contact the Building Committee.