Christmas Season is upon us!

How do you prepare for Christmas?  How can we prepare our hearts so that it will be a meaningful time of celebrating Jesus and His coming into the world?

Advent is a christian church tradition to help prepare our hearts to celebrate our savior’s birth on Christmas.  It starts December 2nd and runs till Christmas day. It's a season of patient waiting, hopeful expectation, and soul searching.   It helps us to focus on Christ and even ask "What does Jesus want this Christmas?"

I find it helpful to have a devotional that helps prepare my heart during this season.  As you consider how to prepare yourself, your family, or those you care about for Christmas here a are a few devotionals for you to use and pass on.  

You can practice them each day leading up to Christmas starting this December 2nd.  But feel free to use them however best suits you.  We've included 3 types of devotionals.   One you can use for yourself, one for families with young children, and one for families with teens.  The ones for families are meant to be done together

1.  Good News of Great Joy by John Piper (individual devotional)

2.  Knowing Him By Name from Focus on the Family (to do with young children)

3.  Names of Jesus (to do with youth or teens) 

We pray they may deeply enrich your Christmas this year!

God Bless